Daily Travel Plan


This is an outline of our daily travel plan.  More information about each site and the planned activities can be found in the links.  We have some alternative plans in case of unexpected weather, but basically, we will be following the schedule below.  The schedule may change by one day more or less, depending on the arrival times of flights.  If you wish to stay in India after the tour is over for private travel, of course, you are free to do so.

11th or 12th August-  Arrival in Delhi.

Depending on the arrival times of flights, we will either stay one night in Delhi, or take a train directly to our hostel in Jaipur.  (From Spain, we plan to leave together from Barcelona airport, and from Italy, the cheapest flights are from Milan.)

12th August- Jaipur

We will take a day trip to Amber Fort, and all other important, historical sites of Jaipur. This will be a pleasent way to start adjusting with life in India!  For more details, see here: Jaipur

13th August- Jaipur

On our second day in Jaipur, we will visit the local markets, filled with colourful handicrafts.  We will also see some other sites around the city (this is flexible, depending on the wishes of the group).

14th August- Bharatpur (Keoladeo National Park)

In the morning, we will take a local train to Keoladeo National Park, also known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.  We will spend the day there.  We can choose either to stay the night in the park, or take a train the same evening to Jhansi.  For more information, see here: Keoladeo National Park

15th August- Jhansi

During our first day in Jhansi, we will visit Jhansi fort and other sites made famous by the warrior queen, ‘Rhani of Jhansi.’  In Jhansi, we will be staying in one of the social-projects of Ananda Marga (school and children’s home) , where we will have simple accomodation and home-cooked food, and the chance for daily collective meditation for those who want.  More information here: Jhansi

16th August- Jhansi

During our second day in Jhansi, we can choose to either see some more sites around the city, of visit the nearby village of Chirgaon, famous for its many temples.  This will also be a good opportunity to experience the village environment.

17th August- Train to Ananda Nagar

We will now head to West Bengal, on the other side of India!  This is an overnight journey in the train, and although it may sound long, it is actually a great chance to see the Indian landscape and daily life of people.  Normally in the train, you will normally end up talking with a meeting new people as well!

18th- 20th August- Ananda Nagar

Ananda Nagar is a huge rural development project as well and spiritual centre of Ananda Marga.  Our visit here will give you a chance to see a side of India which normally tourists are unable to experience.  The quiet, peaceful environment, bright red sunrise in the morning, and the simple life of the villagers, is a complete change from the city.  Ananda Nagar is also recognised as a spiritual centre since ancient times, and is perfect for those interested in deepining the meditation practice.  We will be using our days here as a kind of retreat, to relax in nature, meditate, practice yoga, and eat fresh food prepared from the gardens.

During our stay here, we will take a tour of the entire area and all the projects (it is huge!!), and we will also organize some social service activities for the local villagers and school students (for example, distribution of school materials, or sports day with the school students).  This will give you a chance to understand a little better the village-life.

More information here: Ananda Nagar

21st August- Kolkata

From Ananda Nagar, we will take a train to Kolkata.  We will visit some of the notable sites of Kolkata, including the Dakshineshwar Temple, famous for its association with Shri Ramakrishna.

The other sites to visit can be decided between the group.  We will be staying in one of the projects of Ananda Marga, where you can enjoy Indian hospitality and home-cooked food.  We are also lucky enough to be near a beautiful and well-known park.  For more information, see here: Kolkata

22nd August- Kolkata/Shantiniketan

We will take a day trip to Shantiniketan, the university town made famous by Nobel Laurate, poet and visionary Rabindranath Tagore.  This is one of the most important cultural centres of West Bengal.  Tagore started the university with a vision of education in nature, with a  strong focus on art, music, and cultural development. We will pack a picnic lunch the morning before leaving, and then pass the day in the is beautiful, pleaceful and natural place.  (Shantiniketan means: ‘abode of peace.’)  More information here: Shantiniketan

23rd August- Kolkata

As this is our last day in Kolkata, we will take the chance to relax and enjoy a last delicious meal of Indian food.  We will visit ‘Lake Gardens’ one of the historical sites of Ananda Marga Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.  We will also take the chance to visit one of Kolkata’s famous sweet-shops located nearby, and do some last minute gift-shopping!

24th August- Leave for Delhi

Depending on the flight schedule, we will either take a local flight or the train back to Delhi.  Again, depending on the flights, we may stay a day in Delhi and see the city, or go directly to the airport.

25th August- Delhi/ Flight

NOTE:  If anyone is interested and has time to stay a few days extra, we can also add a short trip to visit Jamalpur.