About the Tour

The tour is designed to offer you an authentic cultural experience, and to see India not only from its tourist sites, but from its villages, inside its houses, and through sharing with her people.  We also hope it will be not only a holiday, but also an inner journey.

The tour is organized by Ananda Marga, an international organization which teaches meditation, yoga and runs social service projects around the world.  ( Ananda Marga Website Link ; AMURT- social projects of Ananda Marga).  During the tour we will also be spending time meditating and practising yoga together, and be following a vegetarian diet.  You do not have to have any previous knowledge about Ananda Marga to participate, but it would be goo to have at least some interest in meditation or yoga.

The tour will start in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and end in Kolkata, West Bengal, at the opposite side of India.  We will start by visiting some cultural and historical attractions, so that you have time to adjust and also get to know the others in the group.  Later, we we travel to the countryside, where you will get a first-hand experience of village life.  During our time in the village, we will also organize some social-service activities in the village schools, so that you have the chance interact with the local people.  We will also visit some important historical-spiritual sites.  (Ananda Nagar)

During the travel, we will be staying most of the time in the projects and ashrams of Ananda Marga.  This will give you the opportunity to experience Indian life more closely than if we would stay in hotels or hostels.  It also means that we will have home-cooked food during most of the trip.  It also means that instead of spending money for hotels, we will give donations to the projects where we stay.  However, it is important to know before coming, that the facilities will be simple and some adjustment will needed!  For example, especially in the villages, you will might have to sleep on the floor with a mat, take bath from a bucket, or eat with your hand!  The tour is for those ready for an adventure, not 5 star hotels.  That said, you will be travelling with local tour guides the whole time, so you will have any trouble at all moving around, and getting all the information you need to enjoy yourself!

The tour will be managed by Didi A Tapasiddha, an acarya and teacher of Ananda Marga, along with the local tour guides.  (Didi A Tapasiddha).

The cost of the whole tour is divided into 2 parts: 450 euros for the whole tour, including food, accomodation, visa and travel; and and estimated 550 euros for the flight.  This is anormal price from most countries in Europe, though it may rise or fall by around 50 euros (if it less, you will be discounted, and if more, you will need to pay the extra).  If you from outside of Europe, of couse the price will vary.  Therefore, the total price should be around 950 euros, all included.  If the number of participates is less (4-5 people), the price will be 490 euros for the tour, instead of 450.  The whole tour is being organized on a non-profit basis.

Tou participate in the tour, you must confirm and pay by the 15th of May.  It may be possible to join later, but we cannot gaurantee that there will be place, and flights will probably be more costly.  The dates of the tour are: 11th or 12th August until the 24th or 25th (there maybe be one day change due to flight timings).  To see the daily travel plan, click HERE.

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