Jhansi is an historic city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, on the banks of the Pahuj river.  As well as being an interesting place to visit, by stopping here, we also will not have to travel so far by train all at once.


Here we will visit Jhansi Fort, and other sites connected with the warrior princess, Rani of Jhansi, who once rule Jhansi, and is famous for leading her army against the British, and for jumping from the top of the fort on horseback in order to escape capture.

From Jhansi, you will also have you first chance to see village life, in the nearby town of Chirgaon, where we can take lunch with us, and spend a day visiting the many temples and other places of interest.

During our visit, we will stay in one of the projects of Ananda Marga, which is  school, as well as home for children and an ashram.  The accomodation is simple but homely, and we will have food provided for us.  You will also get to meet and make friends with some of the children!

From Jhansi, we will then continue of journey by train to Ananda Nagar in West Bengal.


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