Ananda Nagar

Ananda Nagar is a rural development project and spiritual centre of Ananda Marga, located among among one of the poorest aread of India, in Purulia, West Bengal.  This is an ancient land which has unfortunately been economically and socially exploited.  The lands around Ananda Nagar are home to an ancient hostory of spirituality and culture.

Our visit to Ananda Nagar will offer you the chance to see a different side of India, missed by most tourists.  It is also the chance to witness unique, grass-roots, social service work.  The activities arouns Ananda Nagar, in the past and present, include running of primary and high schools for the local villagers, a teachers training college , music college, organic agriculture, reforestation, water management projects, and much more.  For more information, see here: Ananda Nagar


During our stay, we will organize some activities with the local village schools, so that you can meet the children first hand.

Another reason to visit Ananda Nagar is because of its spiritual significance.  Since ancient times, it has been home to many spiritual seekers and enlightened people.  Scattered around around various ‘Tantra Piithas’, places known to be good for meditation and which have been used for meditation by elevated people in the past.  Many visitors to Ananda Nagar have noted the deep, peaceful vibration thoughout the whole area, and had special experiences there.

The natural environment is also very beautiful and peaceful, with rolling hills, small rivers, and a bright red sunrise every morning.  We will be using our time here as a spiritual retreat in nature, to meditate, and get to know both ourselves and the others in the group better.



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